Thursday 5 August 2010

Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight

It's Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight 2010 (1st - 7th August)

This fantastic event has the town alive with people wearing everything from shorts and t-shirts through ball gowns to Micheal Jackson outfits and everything in between.

During the day the sea is full of all manner of boats, racing, carrying people and even selling burgers.

This year is the debut for high octane racing from the Extreme 40 catamarans. Each afternoon through Cowes week this high octane racing series is taking place just meters from the shore, off Egypt Point. Check out this exciting video from Tuesday where Groupama is left with no steerage (or Crew who jump ship) after a collision and heads straight for the sea wall.

Find out more about the racing and the social events around it at the Series website.

By night the town is one long party.

This year the Cowes Yacht Haven is free to enter except on Friday (fireworks night). There is a large stage with live performances from 4pm every day, a very large beer tent along with a selection of retail tents and a wide choice of food, including paella, noodles, burgers, waffles, pancakes, cakes etc.

On the Parade is the 'Sail for Gold' bar and stage and a variety of retail outlets and food stalls.
Try a bit of Liz Earle (Island based cosmetics company) pampering and check out the 'Lonesome Valley Boys' playing from 7pm on Thursday - Excellent band - I'll be there!

Friday is Firework Night, and one long party - have fun.

For more information and full details of whats on see

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