Thursday 14 October 2010

Dinosaurs and vintage buses this weekend!

This weekend at Dinosaur Isle there’s an exhibition of fossils, prehistoric finds and other ancient artefacts collected from the Isle of Wight and beyond.  The display will range from flint axe heads through dinosaur bones, down to the smallest of fossil insects.

You’ll be able to chat to palaeontologists, archaeologists, natural historians and collectors from Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Displays include those from the Natural History Museum, Gosport SEARCH and Portsmouth University.  If you go along you can also take part in activities run by the Isle of Wight Heritage Service.  Face painting will be available for children.  Weather permitting there will also be two guided fossil walks running at Shanklin and Yaverland beaches. 

What better way to spend Saturday with the kids?

The Isle of Wight Bus Museum provide the entertainment on Sunday, with their annual running day.  An amazing variety of vintage buses and coaches have homes on the Island and these will be bought together at Newport Quay on Sunday 17th October.  The day will include bus runs around Newport and a wide variety of vehicles, including pre-WWII buses and coaches.